Servicing & Repairs

Mobility Scooter Repair and Servicing

At More Mobility, we are equipped to service all products we supply, along with most other brands.

Our agencies include CTM, Invacare, Pride, Cubro, Karma and Comfort mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs, walking frames, respiratory equipment, electric beds and stand assist lift chairs.

Our service department is based in Clarence St, Christchurch, and we have a mobile van service with a full parts inventory onboard, enabling us to service your equipment at home without any inconvenience, (loan scooters available free of charge if we are unable to repair your scooter on site).

We carry a full range of tyres, batteries and electrical and mechanical components, for most mobility scooter and wheelchair brands, and we are experienced in servicing Shoprider, NEO, Heartway, AMW, Comfort, Joyrider, CTM, Invacare and Pride Brands.

Regular servicing of your mobility scooter or wheelchair is the best form of insurance against breakdown and unreliability.

We suggest a 12 monthly service, or more frequently for those who use their scooter/powerchair a lot. We have clients who are using their scooters every day that request a service every 6 months.

Talk to Russell about a service plan for your Mobility Scooter or Powerchair; they will customise a plan to suit your budget, hence providing you peace of mind to afford any future maintenance.

People often ask us, “what do we do to our scooter in between services?” We simply tell them to ensure the batteries are charged regularly, (no less than fortnightly), also check the tyres, or go to your local petrol station and have them checked every 2 months; we can advise you appropriate tyre pressures.

Our rates for a full service & checks performed are as follows


$99.00 gst included for a full service, performed by our Mobile Technician.

  • Electronics controls and connections tested
  • Motor brushes checked
  • Batteries load tested
  • Transaxle lubricated where possible, anti corrosion treatment
  • Chassis inspection for corrosion
  • Visual inspection and pressure test of tyres
  • All lights and accessories checked
  • Wheel alignment, steering joints & wheel nuts checked
  • Check seat is secure and adjusted best for user

A service report is then issued to client.


Some frequently asked questions


Q - How long should the batteries last?

A - This is determined by a number of things

How often is your scooter used?

What is the weight of the rider?

What size are the batteries?

What sort of terrain is the scooter being ridden

Generally if the scooter has the appropriate sized batteries, good quality batteries should last anywhere between 3 and 5 years, longer in some cases.

Poor charging patterns, regularly draining the batteries dry, or poor quality batteries will end up being costly for the owner.

Q - How much do the batteries cost?

A - This varies depending on the size of the batteries,
and the quality.

We recommend a Gel type battery that will last longer than a lead acid battery, and will cost anywhere from $230.00 (gst inclusive) each for a 33 amp/hr (2 batteries per scooter), a larger scooter can have battery sizes up to 100 amp/hr, prices do vary here; please call us for pricing on larger batteries.

Q - Do I need to charge the battery every night?

A - Generally this is not required, however we believe it is a good practice to keep the scooter on charge when it is not being used, this will definitely do no harm to the batteries or the charger and develops a habit to keep your scooter charged; once the batteries are charged the charger will turn itself off. (in most cases this applies, talk to us about the brand of your scooter and charger and we can confirm this for you).

Q - How much are new tyres?

A - Once again, this is dependent on size.

Generally a new tyre for a small to medium sized scooter will cost around $40.00 - $45.00 (gst inclusive), fitted. Pricing may increase to $58.00 per tyre fitted, for larger scooters.

Tyre wear is inevitable, it is important to be vigilant here as once a tyre becomes thin, the risk of puncture or blowout heightens.

If you are regularly getting punctures and your tyres still have plenty of tread left, talk to us about our puncture proofing options, phone 0800-666-222.

Stockists of Invacare, Comfort and Pride mobility products