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At More Mobility we have a large range of hire and rehabilitation equipment to either increase your mobility and independence, or help you with a speedy recovery. Most of what we sell we also hire, whether it be an electric bed or lift chair, wheelchair or walking frame, portable mobility scooter for holidays or a traditional mobility scooter to help you get around the city, bathroom or toilet ware while rehabilitating or for a visiting relative, or even a portable oxygen concentrator. More Mobility have all of these products and more in our hire fleet, ready and waiting to improve your mobility.

We carry a wide range of different brands in our hire fleet, the items listed in our shop may not be the exact product supplied when hiring, however the equipment supplied will be very similar. If there is a certain brand of product you would like to hire please contact us and we can let you know of price and availability. 

We have a wide range of equipment catering to all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you are wanting to hire a piece of mobility or rehabilitation equipment, please feel free to get in touch via {contact us}

Common Themes for Hiring Mobility or Rehabilitation Equipment


More Mobility have a wide range of products to assist with travelling, whether it be a travel mobility scooter that you can break down into manageable pieces and fit into the boot of a car, or a folding commode that can be broken down to lay flat, we will be able to supply the equipment necessary to give you and your loved ones piece of mind while travelling. If you are planning a holiday but you’re unsure about the logistics of managing your mobility equipment, please feel free to {contact us} and we can offer our expertise. 

Recovering from a surgery or operation?


More Mobility supply many hospitals in Christchurch with post operative rehabilitation equipment. Whether this be a shower stool or pedal exerciser to an electric lift chair or hospital bed. We have a wide range of products to help while recovering from an operation. If you are unsure about what products you may need for an operation, please feel free to {contact us} and we can offer our expertise.

Relatives staying with mobility issues?

At More Mobility we understand that it can take just one piece of mobility equipment to create a barrier when having a relative visit. To combat this issue, we have a wide range hire equipment to make life feel a little bit more like home while your relatives are staying with you. Whether it be a walking frame, a raised toilet seat frame, or another piece of mobility equipment, we have a wide range to make life more comfortable for your relatives. If you have someone visiting that is dependent on mobility equipment, please feel free to {contact us} and we can offer our expertise. 

Wanting to try before you buy?

We understand that buying a mobility scooter and other big products can be a scary process, and sometimes you want to try a mobility product out for a week or two before committing to a purchase. Hiring a piece of mobility equipment can be a low risk way of trying the product before you purchase. It allows you to use the equipment in your own environment and neighbourhood to give you a better understanding of how it will improve your mobility and independence.

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