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Freedom – Pediatric Arm

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The Seal-Tight Freedom is specially designed for adults and kids who are wanting to be active in the water while keeping their cast or bandages dry. The Seal-Tight Freedom is suitable for showering, bathing , and swimming (light activity).

The Seal-Tight Freedom is a great option for keeping you cast or bandages dry while showering or in the water. The Seal-Tight Freedom slips over your cast or bandages with ease, creating a watertight seal and keeping everything inside dry. The secret to the Seal-Tight is it’s flex-seal rubber diaphragm opening which makes this product a preferred choise amongst doctors and patients nationwide.

Ease of Use

  • Easy grip no-ring option
  • No tape, straps, or pumps
  • Snug fit eliminates leaks
  • Non-latex diaphram opening streches easily

* Seal-Tight covers should only be worn while showering or bathing.

* When useing the Seal-Tight Freedom in a swimming pool we recommend swimming gently with care, there is a risk that water turbulence from kicking or stricking out could dislodge the seal.

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