Cast/Bandage Protector Paediatric Arm/Leg

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Easy, Professional Protection—Simplifies Showering and Bathing
Exclusive Features:

  • Provides a firm, yet comfortable fit thats squeegee-tight to keep out water
  • Safely allows normal showering and bathing routines—economically
  • Improves hygiene! Keeps skin clean and dry
  • Avoids costly re-casting—keeps casts dry to prevent unnecessary doctor visits
  • Reusable and guaranteed to last the life of the cast
  • Quality, durable materials last longer, help promote healing and recovery— unlike cheap, homemade plastic alternatives
  • Eliminates annoying tape, straps and pumps needed with other products

Products Available

  • Arm – Small/Medium/Large (as seen in picture 2)
  • Leg – Small/Medium/Large (as seen in picture 3)

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